All the plants listed below can tolerate sea shore conditions within a-quarter of a mile or so from the actual ocean. I've seen them all growing within 400 feet of the high tide mark. Different types of terrain, of course, will make a difference how close to the sea they can not only survive but prosper. A few varieties can grow well very close to salt water, on the first dune so to speak, battered by storms, winds and constant salt spray. Therefore, in this edition I've made the two lists below.

Very Close to Salt Water
Chrysanthemum pacificum
Myrica pennsylvanica
Pinus thunbergii
Rosa rugosa
Rosa rugosa alba

Need Some Distance from Salt Water
Amelanchier canadensis
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Azalea viscosum
Buddleia davidii vars.
Clethra alnifolia vars.
Cytisus species
Hydrangea species
Ilex verticillata
Juniperus species - especially J. conferta
Myrica gale
Pinus mugo vars.
Prunus maritima
Vaccinium corymbosum
Viburnum dentatum
Yucca filamentosa


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