Clematis paniculata

Botanical Name: Clematis paniculata

Common Name:
Sweet Autumn Clematis

Plant Hardiness: Zone 5

Flower: Very fragrant, small white flowers cover this vine in late summer. Quite a show when in full bloom

Bloom Time: Late summer into fall

Foliage: Leaves are bluish green and have no fall color

Fruit: Long silvery hairs flow from the individual seeds that are clustered all over the plant. They persist into winter

Habit: A vigorous deciduous vine that will climb to 20 feet and spread out to whatever it can grab on to

Size: Will climb to 20 feet

Sun Exposure: Part sun to full sun

Native Habitat: Japan

Other Features:



Description: Dirr states that Sweet Autumn Clematis is a ‘rampant, rampaging vine which engulfs every structure in sight’. This may be true in certain locations but here in New England it can be kept in control quite easily and is well worth the effort for the spectacular show it puts on in the fall. Let’s just say it is a vigorous vine which is covered in the late summer and early fall with small white fragrant flowers, approximately 1 inch across. The plant, when large enough, will give the appearance of a bank of new fallen snow. It is a good plant to cover ugly cement walls, as it will hang down over them, or rocky rubble areas that want to be put out of sight. It is not fussy as to soil types although it prefers good drainage and full sun if possible.