Corylopsis pauciflora

Botanical Name: Corylopsis pauciflora

Common Name:
Buttercup Winterhazel

Plant Hardiness: Zone 6

Flower: Primrose yellow flowers open in April before the foliage. Quite showy as 2 to 5 flowers hang on each inflorescence

Bloom Time: Early Spring

Foliage: Leaves open bright green and darken by summer. The fall color is a nice golden yellow that will retain a bit of green some years

Fruit: A dry capsule that is not at all showy

Habit: This multi-stemmed shrub grows wider than tall at a fairly slow pace. Densely branched with a zig-zagging stem pattern

Size: 4 to 6 feet tall with a slightly larger spread

Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun

Native Habitat: Japan and Taiwan

Other Features: This shrub warrants some protection from wind and late frosts as it is really only hardy to zone 6



Description: This is a nice little shrub getting up to perhaps 4 feet tall with a spreading habit that would make it at least as wide. It has small primrose yellow flowers quite early in the spring, blooming mid to late April here in New England. The leaves are small, and the overall appearance of this shrub is quite delicate. It is a nice little shrub for woodland settings or in the foreground of a shrub border with dainty yellow flowers very early in the spring. It will tolerate most soil conditions as long as the soil is not too alkaline. Unfortunately, this plant is not too hardy and should probably only be used in southern Connecticut or coastal areas of New England.