Cytisus scoparius ‘Albert’s Choice’

Botanical Name: Cytisus scoparius ‘Albert’s Choice’

Common Name:
Albert’s Scots Broom

Plant Hardiness: Zone 5

Flower: Multicolored flowers open in late spring. The buds start pink but open with a mix of yellow, pink and white. Very showy and fragrant

Bloom Time: Late spring – usually in late May

Foliage: Small green leaves are held fairly close to the green stems. No fall color

Fruit: Flat green pods form in early summer. Not ornamental and can look messy as they turn gray

Habit: Somewhat open, upright growth with branches that will arch as they mature. Mounding arch reaching 6 feet with a similar spread

Size: Mid size grower that should reach 6 feet tall

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Native Habitat: Central and Southern Europe

Other Features:



Description: For a number of years, we grew broom plants at our Rockland Lot, which is a frost pocket and quite cold. These plants were used for cuttings and grown in wooden boxes above ground with a plastic quonset placed over them so they were protected. When we no longer needed cuttings from down there, we stopped putting on protection but left the plants there for a year or two. Several seedlings emerged from the ground at the base of the wooden boxes, and three plants survived, without any top damage, in this very cold location through a couple of severe winters. We were impressed and started growing them. Probably the best one is called ‘Albert’s Choice’ as it was selected by Albert Villanueva who was Assistant Area Manager at Rockland. It has a rather open, upright growth habit with knockout multicolored flowers. I bought several multicolored varieties from the West Coast when I first started the nursery, and none of them proved to be hardy. This one is a tough plant with a gorgeous flower, and I hope people start using it – it’s one of the best we grow.