Rhododendron ‘Rockhouse Hill’

Botanical Name: Rhododendron ‘Rockhouse Hill’

Common Name:
Rockhouse Hill Rhododendron

Plant Hardiness: Zone 4

Flower: Clear pink flowers with a yellow flare are held in large, loose trusses

Bloom Time: Mid to late June

Foliage: Dark green leaves are long and narrow

Fruit: A dry capsule that is not showy

Habit: An upright rounded habit. Similar to R. maximum but it is more compact and therefore fuller in appearance

Size: A mid size Rhododendron reaching 6 to 8 feet with an equal spread

Sun Exposure: Partial sun to full shade

Native Habitat: None – hybrid

Other Features:



Description: About 30 years ago, Bishop von Wetburg, who I believe was a judge with a small nursery on the side, asked me if I could identify a rhododendron that he had grown in his nursery for a number of years. I couldn’t identify it but liked it well enough to grow it here – I named it ‘Rockhouse Hill’ which was the name of his nursery. This is a plant similar in some respects to R. ‘Independence’. I’m sure it has some R. maximum blood, blooming quite late in June after all other rhododendrons are through. The flower color is a clear pink. It’s a more compact plant than R. ‘Independence’ but with a similar leaf, more long than wide, reminiscent of R. maximum. A plant we have in our garden is over 25 years old and is barely over 6 feet tall. We feel that it complements R. ’Independence’ and gives us two nice late flowering, clear pink, hardy, large leaf rhododendrons.