Thuja occidentalis ‘Rheingold’

Botanical Name: Thuja occidentalis ‘Rheingold’

Common Name:
Rheingold Eastern Arborvitae

Plant Hardiness: Zone 5

Flower: Not showy – borne singly at the branch tip.

Bloom Time:

Foliage: Orange-gold foliage during the summer, turning to a copper color in the winter


Habit: Slow growing, rounded shrub that is slightly taller than wide

Size: 4 to 5 feet tall and just about as wide

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial sun

Native Habitat: Eastern United States and Canada.

Other Features:



Description: This is a very popular, globe-shaped shrub. Its new growth in the summer is a pinkish-gold, different from the ‘aurea’ forms of Chamaecyparis. The color attracts the eye from a great distance. A 10 year old plant, in ideal conditions, should reach a size of 3 feet in diameter and scarcely more than that in height (l gallon – 2 years old) (2 gallon – 3 years old). ‘Rheingold’ has proved to be one of the most popular of our semi-dwarf conifers.