Viburnum tomentosum ‘Shasta’

Botanical Name: Viburnum tomentosum ‘Shasta’

Common Name:
Shasta Doublefile Viburnum

Plant Hardiness: Zone 5

Flower: Pure white flower petals encircle the small fertile flowers. Very showy

Bloom Time: May

Foliage: Dark green leaves hang slightly from the branches. Leaves are a bit rough due to their sunken veins. Reddish purple cast to the leaves in the fall

Fruit: Clustered bright red berries form in July and mature to black by summer’s end

Habit: Wide spreading, horizontally branched shrub

Size: 6 to 10 feet tall – growing wider than tall

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Native Habitat: China and Japan

Other Features:



Description: This is a relatively new introduction from the National Arboretum. Its branches are longer and wider on a 6 foot high shrub. The flowers, inflorescences, are very large, up to 6 inches in diameter.