Acer palmatum ‘Yatsubusa Kiyohime’

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum ‘Yatsubusa Kiyohime’

Common Name:
Very Compact Japanese Maple

Plant Hardiness: Zone 5


Bloom Time:

Foliage: Green leaves open with a pink edge that fades. Yellow to orange fall color is not showy


Habit: Low spreading mound with a moderate rate of growth

Size: 3′ tall spreading to 12′ to 15′

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Native Habitat: Japan

Other Features: Full sun



Description: ‘Yatsabusa Kiyohime’ has small green leaves on a very tidy small plant. It would be hard to know whether to call this a shrub or a tree. A plant of ‘Kiyohime’, which we have planted in the garden across from the office, is now about 12 feet across and just slightly over 3 feet high making a very nice low mounded small tree. ‘Kiyohime’ is an excellent plant that we would recommend for foundation plantings or anywhere that a low growing shrub is necessary. You really have to see this one to believe how nice it is.