Cercidiphyllum japonica ‘Pendula’

Botanical Name: Cercidiphyllum japonica ‘Pendula’

Common Name:
Weeping Katsuratree

Plant Hardiness: Zone 4

Flower: Not showy

Bloom Time: Early spring

Foliage: Opens with a reddish tinge that fades as the leaf matures to a blue-green. Fall color is yellow with some red


Habit: Fast growing with an irregularly shaped weeping form. Tends to grow up and out – cascading over itself

Size: 15 to 30 feet tall with a similar spread

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial sun

Native Habitat: China and Japan

Other Features: The changing fall foliage gives off a wonderful sweet scent that is not overpowering as it often escapes with the slightest breeze