Cercidiphyllum magnificum ‘Pendulum’

Botanical Name: Cercidiphyllum magnificum ‘Pendulum’

Common Name:
Upright Weeping Katsuratree

Plant Hardiness: Zone 4

Flower: Not showy

Bloom Time: Early spring

Foliage: Opens with a reddish tinge that fades as the leaf matures to a blue-green. Fall color is yellow with some red


Habit: This weeping tree has an upright habit. It has a dominant leader with weeping secondary branches

Size: 30 feet tall with a slightly narrower spread

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial sun

Native Habitat: China and Japan

Other Features: The changing fall foliage gives off a wonderful sweet scent that is not overpowering as it often escapes with the slightest breeze



Description: I have been aware of the existence of this tree for some time. However, its magnificence never registered until Dave Barnett of Mount Auburn Cemetery showed a slide of one at a Cary Award Committee meeting. I knew at that point I wanted to grow and offer it to our customers. Dave was kind enough to send me some scions, and we have been growing Cercidipyllum magnificum ‘Pendulum’ ever since.

For a number of years, we have been growing C. japonica ‘Pendula’ which tends to spread without too much growth going upward. C. magnificum ‘Pendulum’ is different as it tends to grow up and then arch with a weeping habit. It has small, typical Cercidiphyllum leaves that give it a very nice appearance. The leaves have a fascinating fragrance, especially in the fall as they turn color, and this plant does have excellent fall color. This tree needs quite a bit of room as I’ve read it can eventually reach 50 feet in height; however, I believe 20 to 30 feet would be far more common. This is an excellent specimen tree for a focal point. One note of caution however, Cercidiphyllum will not withstand extremely hot and droughty conditions. It can be grown in the open with full sunlight but plenty of moisture is necessary to keep it in good condition (not wet but moist) and some shade from hot afternoon sun would probably be beneficial.