Pinus strobus ‘UConn’

Botanical Name: Pinus strobus ‘UConn’

Common Name:
UConn Eastern White Pine

Plant Hardiness: Zone 3


Bloom Time:

Foliage: A 5 needle pine with light green needles that have a hint of blue


Habit: In its youth it is a heavily branched, broad pyramid. It becomes more rounded at maturity but stays full to its base

Size: 20 feet tall with the same width at maturity

Sun Exposure: Full sun. It can tolerate some shade, especially in the afternoon

Native Habitat: North America

Other Features:

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Description: This is an upright form of White Pine that will make a fairly large tree when left alone. However, it grows at a rate no more than half as fast as a regular White Pine and branches quite heavily. Therefore, it is a plant that can make a natural hedge with little or no shearing. The original plant at the University of Connecticut is quite large now but very full, dense, and impossible to see through. At a size when a regular White Pine would be thinning out, this one continues to stay full right down to the ground.